Tech Professionals

When you call, these guys start working on your issues. They all are reliable with proven expertise:

Tech Pro Sameer ☜

Sameer is a guy with proven expertise in Networking and Software related issues.Most of the Printer and Windows related issues are solved by him. He is a qualified engineer. If your problem is related to sofware, he can give you solution with 100% accuracy.

Tech Pro Vandana ☜

Vandana is a recovery expert. She can recover your lost mail, files, password etc. Most of the AOL and File recovery issues are handled by her. She has handled many password and login issues, with astonishingly high accuracy rate, close to 100%

Tech Pro Deepak ☜

Deepak is expert in configuring Microsoft Outlook. He has years of experience doing it for clients and is very reliable handling Outlook related issues. He is an engineer who knows almost every possible issue related to outlook. Configuring and troubleshooting MS Outlook is just like a game for him. He is so comfortable dealing with problems!

Tech Pro Prince ☜

Prince has rich experience working on branded computers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway etc., He can tackle any problem associated with them in no time.

Tech Pro Amit ☜

Amit is an expert in Office Software solutions. He can tackle any issue related to MS office, MS Excel, Word...